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Life Coach Website Design


PROJECT: Life Coach Website

ROLE: UX designer, designing the website from conception to delivery

TOOL: Adobe XD


This website was designed for a life coach. It allows users to contact the life coach, learn more about them, and read their blog. My goal was to create a product that is both modern and easy to use.


Because the primary goals of the website were simplicity and ease of use, the number of screens was kept to a minimum. To accomplish this, I started with pen and paper wireframes and iterated through multiple versions of each screen until I found a combination of features and elements that I thought matched the users' needs and were as intuitive as possible.

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Visual Design

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I then I continued developing this project and practiced responsive design to also create a mobile-friendly version.

Following the iterations, my final product met all of the objectives I had set for it, which included three core features - contacting the life coach, the coach's blog, and the display of the coach's reviews - to help users decide whether or not to use the life coach's services. After the project was completed, it was handed over to a developer. You can now access the website from the link provided below.

Style Guide

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While designing this website, I became more comfortable with Adobe XD. I also made sure to design in the most organised way possible, which means I made the most out of: components, assets, and groups to ensure the website is designed in the most consistent manner.

What would you have done differently? Given that this was my first design project, and now knowing what I learned, I would definitely follow the UX design process, which includes research, definition, ideation, prototyping, and iteration. Additionally, I believe the website would benefit from a UI rework.

Thank you for scrolling!

If you have any feedback, want to collaborate or just want to say hello, let’s get in touch!

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