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TOOL: Adobe XD

ROLE: UX designer, designing the website from conception to delivery

DURATION: January 2022
-February 2022

Landscape architecture  Website Redesign


The website was created for Biosfera, a new company on the market that specialises in landscape architecture. Their services transform both empty gardens and austere interiors into peaceful and welcoming oases of greenery.


My primary goal was to improve the UI, which appeared to be outdated, to improve the website's lack of personality and brand presence, and to solve the problem of poor website navigation and service and product display.


My goal here was to make strategic information architecture decisions that would improve overall website navigation. The structure I chose was designed to make things simple and easy.

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Next, I sketched out paper wireframes for each screen in my app, keeping the simple navigation and browsing in mind. This step made it easy to understand how the redesign could help improve the user experience and poor service and product display. Prioritising useful button locations and visual element placement on the home page was a key part of my strategy.


After finishing the paper wireframes, I decided to move on to digital wireframes and the low-fidelity prototype so that I could get feedback from members of my team on things like button placement and page organisation. 

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Visual Design

At this point, I created a newer, high-fidelity version of the app that featured more white space, larger icons and clearer text. I applied the Gestalt Principles, colour theory and made use of grids to ensure consistency within the entire website.



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Style Guide

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For this project, I only used Adobe XD. While I was able to complete my entire design within XD, it is beneficial to have a working knowledge of all of the industry's standard tools.

Next steps: The addition of a store would greatly benefit the site, but due to customer internal issues, the direct store has yet to be added. I recommend that it be added in the future.

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If you have any feedback, want to collaborate or just want to say hello, let’s get in touch!

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